Les Accessoires d'Audrey

les accessoires d audrey

Les accessoires d'Audrey offers colourful French clothes and cute accessories for women. Audrey is a young French fashion designer who launched her own label 10 years ago in the South of France. All her fashionable clothes are designed and produced in her workshop located in the beautiful town of Arles. Written on her product labels, you will find "un style unique pour quelqu'un d'unique", which means "a unique style for someone unique". This is entirely true. Her collection is produced on a small scale and you won't see lots of similar garments around you. For sure, you will look unique with Audrey's garments. With Audrey, it's all about street and colourful French Fashion.

Accessorizing a dress with Audrey's belts is a great way to look sophisitcated and to emphasize your waist. She designs unique colourful fabric belts.

Audrey originates from Arles in the French Riviera in the Provence and Midi region. This region benefits from nice weather all year round. The country side is full of light and colours to the point that famous painters like Van Gogh, Gauguin and Picasso came to Arles to paint. Certainly for Van Gogh who spent the most time in Arles, it was the most productive period in the painter's life with more than 300 pieces of work produced in a period of 15 months.

Audrey's creations reflect the atmosphere of the region. Her garments are colourful and they convey the impression of happiness and joy. You will love this French clothing brand!


If a garment is not available in your size or if you would like to make sure that a garment is made to your size, it's possible to place a special order. Please contact us via email with your request via the following link for more details: customerservice (at) frenchfashiononline.com

If you intend to tour this part of France, don't hesitate to spend some time in Arles. It has a wealth of Roman heritage. Its buildings and monuments are now listed as UNESCO heritage sites.