Malfroy–Million has been a supplier of scarves and haute-couture fabrics since 1909. The Malfroy family has been a fabric & silk creator and maker for over 3 generations. The collection of the fashion accessories is characterised by the quality and creativity of the fabrics. All the scarves are made in France. The manufacturer use original weaving and printing techniques and they work a lot with natural fibres like silk, wool, cashmere, cotton and linen, which of course is an indication of top end quality.

Accessorizing an outfit helps to amke the most of it. For sure, Malfroy-Million scarves are the best accessories to complement a stylish clothe.

To better understand the quality of the collection, it’s important to know where the scarves and shawls are made and to know a little of the history of the region. All the scarves and shawls are made in France in the area of Lyon, which is the 3rd largest city in the country, located south-east of Paris. Lyon is an interesting tourist destination and it is full of history.

Fabrics have been produced in Lyon since 1466, under King Louis XI. Under Henri IV, the industry of silk began to expand in the Lyon region. Lots of luxurious fabrics designed for the houses and castles of the French court, including the Palace of Versailles, have been produced at Lyon. Napoleon in the 19th century even imposed the use of Lyon silk on all the courts of Europe! This explains why the region of Lyon is marked by the production of high quality fabrics. These are just some of the details that will be explained to you if you choose Lyon for your next touristic destination. The history of France is marked by countless revolutions. The ones that took place in Lyon in the 1830’s are very famous in French history. They are called “la révolte de canuts”. They refer to the revolt of workers in the silk industry and they are considered to be one of the first workers battles.