Bonjour and welcome to our online French clothing store!     

Don't you just hate it when you can't sew the button back on after a first wear,because it's lost somewhere in a car park... or when you discover that one of your friends has exactly the same outfit at you?

With French Fashion Online, we have a passion for French fashion designer women's clothes that have that "French, Chic, Parisian" touch.

Our clothing store is all about French fashion designer or French inspired labels. We offer made in France clothes and fashion accessories as well as other European labels that are currently popular in France.

We have selected garments for:
- their authenticity: My name is Delphine, I am French and I recently moved to Melbourne, Australia. I know the French clothing brands and French style designer labels  that reflect the current trends in France and that are currently very popular in designer clothing stores in France. Our clothing online boutique is about French fashion street style.
- their style and comfort: Most of our garments can be enjoyed everyday. But no matter how casual, it's still stylish fashion that we're interested in.
- the quality of the fabric: They will last you for years and they are very comfortable to the touch.
- the attention to detail in the garments: This attention to detail can be displayed in various ways: the design, a decorative pocket, a decorative lace, the softness of the cotton used ....
- their affordability: Not all of us can afford French Haute Couture and the luxury brands ... and most French women don't wear Haute Couture either! We wear more affordable stylish clothes for everyday wear and also when dressing up. We aim at offering you affordable French clothes from the very French clothing brands that will see in clothing boutiques when you visit France.

French-Fashion-Online-CollectionAs our online French fashion designer clothes boutique develops, we aim to rapidly enlarge our selection of items and brands. In terms of clothes, we are currently focusing our offer on tops, blouses,tee-shirts, dresses, cardigan and jackets but we intend to cater for all of your clothing needs.

We also offer fashion accessories like made in France scarves, leather or colourful fabric belts and umbrellas. When people talk about French fashion, they often ask the question: "What's about French fashion that makes it stand out?". One of the answer is that French women accessorize their outfit a lot.

All the French clothing brands are popular in Paris and all over France. They reflect the current French fashion trends.

Customer service is a top priority a our French fashion online shop, as we want to develop a relationship of trust with our customers. We endeavour to make your shopping experience enjoyable. That’s why:

- Items are shipped free of charge to Australia where we are based.

- Our pricing is transparent. The price will be displayed either in Australian Dollars, American Dollars, Hong-Kong dollars, British Pounds or New Zealand Dollars. There will be no exchange rate conversion fees if you pay in these currencies, as French Fashion Online will cover these fees.
If you want to know more about our French Fashion Online store, please don’t hesitate to email any questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We trust you will find a touch of French chic in the catalogue presented. But if you have any feedback, please share it with us. We would like to know what you think about French fashion in general and about the French clothes we offer in particular.

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